The Fire in 1532 did not alter the C14 to C12 isotope ratios

It has been suggested in the past that the ratio of carbon isotopes may have been changed by a fire that severely damaged the cloth in 1532. Dimitri Kouznetsov, the director of the Sedov Biopolymer Research Laboratories in Moscow, a writer with a propensity to cite imaginary articles in non-existent journals reportedly conducted experiments on ancient linen and had, in his laboratory, changed its carbon 14 date from 200 AD to 1600 AD with intense heat.

Few who understand radiocarbon dating accepted Kouznetsov’s methodologies. Nor did they believe that he could have possibly obtained such results.  

The skeptics have had a joyful field day with Kouznetsov's theory. It turns out that the Sedov Biopolymer Research Laboratories in Moscow was his private entity. He may have been the director but he was also its only member. The laboratory where he claimed to have conducted his AMS carbon 14 testing did not exist. The provenance claimed for his samples of ancient linen cannot be verified. The museums that he claimed provided him with samples deny that they did so.

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